The coziest month of the year is here, which means time spent under a blanket, with warm tea or hot chocolate, reading an awesome book or watching any Christmas movie (because they’re all great, aren’t they!?). This is the time of the year to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, which goals you’ve achieved and to be thankful for all those dreams that came true this past year. My main goal for this year was to be more in the moment, to become more spiritual and connected with my inner self, to love more and to be grateful for all the blessing I have in my life. I’m happy to say that I’ve achieved that goal and I keep on working more on becoming the best version of myself. What were your goals for this year? Write me in the comments.


As for this post, I wanted to give you a few suggestions on what to read, which books are my favorite, which movies I’m excited to watch this December and quite possibly, which movies I’m about to see for the 100000th time. If you wondered how to make the best hot chocolate or which tea will warm you on a cold December night, keep on reading.


One of the first books that I think of is “Ask and it is given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. This book is a life-changer. The Law of attraction is so well explained in this book that you’ll start manifesting your desires after reading the first two chapters of it. Seriously.

To continue on that note, my next favorite book is written by the amazing Ana Bučević (look her up on youtube) and it’s called “Vjerujem u čuda 1 i 2”. Those are two books with the most amazing miracle stories ever. It really takes you on the highest vibration. I’m not sure if it’s translated on english yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

I’m seriously into positive psychology because I find it so effective, so give it a try. Nothing better than snuggling under the warm blankie and reading about how to make your life truly perfect.

Another amazing book to read this December is by Smiljan Mori and it’s called “MotivAction without borders”. I had the pleasure of attending on one of his leactures this Saturday and it was truly an amazing and life changing experience. I also bought a few more of his books to read so I’m looking forward to it. You can find him on instagram .


Before I continue with the list of the movies you should watch this December, let me give you a few tips on how to make perfect hot chocolate. The key is to melt the chocolate and sweet cream yourself and put just a pinch of salt, so the chocolate flavour is even more rich.

Now, onto the movies. Same like every year, this December I’m frequent on Hallmark chanel and I love the movies I’ve seen so far. Full programming guide is on this link. So you have something to watch every night this December and if you’re lucky enough to have free time during the day, I’d also recommend you my favorite Christmas movie with Cameron Diaz, it’s a Christmas love story, it just can’t get better.

What are your plans for this December, my loves ?










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